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Making Kefir from Scratch

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kefir grainsKefir is a cultured food product which is full of enzymes where body-friendly micro-organisms are present helping to maintain a balance within a person's immune system. As compared with yogurt or similar products, kefir is genuinely more therapeutic as well as more nutritious than the former. This is because the food can supply a person with a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and complete proteins that are needed by the body. The wonderful thing about kefir other than its affordability is the fact that you can make it at home. In addition, kefir can be used to make smoothies which children will definitely love. Also, kefir is used to restore a person's inner ecosystem after possible antibiotic treatments have been undergone. Kefir can serve as great nourishment for pregnant and nursing women as well; it can also be used for the elderly and people who have a compromised immune system. Want to know more? Read this tidbit on Kefir.


A lot of people experiencing lactose intolerance have found the safe way by which they can enjoy kefir and this has been happening through generations. These people are advised to take in kefir early in the morning on an empty stomach where they can choose to have it before breakfast or even as breakfast. Someone who is lactose intolerant can see how kefir can be enjoyed especially when eaten in this manner.


Other than the beneficial bacteria and yeasts in kefir, one can also be provided with an ample amount of essential amino acids that the body is in need of. The amino acids serve the purpose of aiding a person's body in terms of its healing and maintenance faculties. The Tryptophan element of the amino acids also assists in this balancing out of the nervous system allowing for relaxation to happen. Interested? Take a look at this tidbit on Kefir. Kefir also has an ample supply of phosphorous which acts to properly burn the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for the body to use. When used by our bodies, these three help in the facets of body maintenance and energy production as well.


Longevity is the basic aspect to consider when a person decides to add kefir to his or her diet. Kefir's vitamin component rich in vitamins such as B12 allows for the utilization of other vitamins within the immune system as well. These different vitamins can help with the regulation of the liver, kidneys, and nervous system boosting the alleviation of skin disorders and increase energy and the like. There is no single reason why you should not consider making use of kefir in your daily lives. Want to know more? Read this tidbit on Kefir.


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